Sign up for volunteer roles at our 2019 Gardener Gathering:
When: Thursday, April 4, 6:30-8:30 p.m. 
Where: Room 107 at Tilth Alliance in Wallingford, next to Meridian Park

Each year gardeners are required to complete eight hours of volunteer time toward maintaining this P-Patch. (Log your hours using this form.)

Get involved via one of the opportunities below. You can sign up for a volunteer activity and find out about other volunteer opportunities by subscribing to and emailing the listserv for this P-Patch or checking our events calendar.

Hosting or participating in work parties at the garden. We hold monthly work parties for a variety of activities, such as supporting the food bank beds, maintaining the tool shed, constructing compost bins, weeding the pathways, and more.

Take on a leadership role in the garden. From coordinating how we’ll handle compost on site to handling fundraising and reimbursements, we have a variety of roles you can take to make this a successful community garden. Current openings include the following high-priority roles:

  • Treasurer
  • New Gardener Orientation
  • Plot Monitor
  • Tool Shed Coordinator
  • Volunteer Hour Reporter
  • Community Outreach and Homelessness Liaison

Outreach. We want to let everyone in Fremont know about this project, whether they want to get involved in the hopes of getting a garden plot or if they just want to come hang out and enjoy the beautiful gardens. Let us know (via the listserv) if you have ideas for outreach events, materials, or digital media opportunities to get the word out about the Troll’s Knoll P-Patch.

Food. Nobody really likes meetings, but most people like them a little bit if they include food! At the next planning meeting or work party, you can be the hero and feed the people.

Donate through your employer. Do you work for a company that has any kind of charitable giving program? With GROW as our fiscal sponsor, we’re a 501(c)3. Ask about donating funds or in-kind products or services to support Troll’s Knoll by emailing the listserv.

Ideas? Let us know what other brilliant ideas you have for contributing to this community garden in the heart of Fremont. Email the listserv!


4 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. Noel Ululani Woodard

    Hi, I’m interested in volunteering to get the word out via social media, i.e. Twitter. Noted your comment in ‘Outreach events: ‘Let us know (via the listserve) if you have ideas for outreach events, materials, or digital media opportunities to get the word out about the Troll’s Knoll P-Patch’.


    • Ashley

      Hi Noel, please share your ideas on the Troll’s Knoll P-Patch listserv. You can reply to the emails that came out in the last day or so from Rich Macdonald from the P-Patch Community Gardening Program (re: Trolls Knoll P-Patch is almost ready).

      The listserv is the primary form of communication about the P-Patch that everyone involved can see. We haven’t yet launched social media accounts for the P-Patch (this website was the first step), but that is a discussion we can continue at the next meeting, which is in the process of being scheduled and will go out via the listserv.



  2. Susan Monticello

    Do you have a schedule of upcoming work parties? I have registered but am having difficulty getting information about P-patch volunteer opportunities.


    • Ashley

      Hi Susan,

      After plots have been assigned (that is happening next week), garden participants will agree upon future work parties at the gardener gathering, which is June 4 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Make sure that you have signed up for the official interest list [PDF] for this P-Patch and also subscribed to the listserv to receive updates about the garden. If you don’t happen to get a plot in this first round of assignments (based on volunteer hours spent developing this garden and position on the wait list), you are also welcome to volunteer as you wait for a plot.


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